Episode 2: Sexual abuse in gymnastics, support for women's sport, and diversity in sports media

In this week’s episode of Burn It All Down, Julie DiCaro, Jessica Luther, Brenda Elsey, Shireen Ahmed, Lindsay Gibbs, and Stacey May Fowles discuss the Larry Nassar hearing, the state of women’s professional sports, and the troubling silence of women in sports media. Plus, you’ll hear The Burn Pile and the Badass Women of the Week!

Discussion of the sexual abuse case of Larry Nasser and its place in USA gymnastics and university athletics (12:10) Progress in women’s professional sports, WNBA and NWSL, MLB’s promotion of girls’ series (21:10) Rumors of FC Barcelona establishing NWSL team? (24:23) Women’s self-censorship in sports’ media, especially in light of industry awards and ESPN layoffs (29:42) New pieces in sports’ media, where are the voices of people of color? Shireen Ahmed has compiled a list of women/GNB writers of color (34:31) Burn Pile – hosts set metaphorical fire to Frank Clark (36:43) Romanian Tennis Captain Ilie Nastase’s sexist and racist remarks (40:08) FIFA avoids a vote on the Israeli West Bank clubs (44:09) MLB’s campaigns to women based on their supposed love of jewelry and exclusively on identity as mothers (46:15) Sports Emmys ignore women (46:53) Badass Women of the Week – AEM Girls’ Soccer team wins Madrid Boys’ League championship (48:13) Honorable mentions – 1st African woman, Saray Khumalo summits Everest (48:56) Volleyball player, Lanesha Reagan opens up about mental health (49:20) Shout-out to all the mom-athletes on mothers’ day! (49:52).


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Shireen Ahmed’s list of WOC in sports media: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14-B8pM3ydFVQauv-hyLprMP-PYyEyYNwGmNUecYsE_I/edit

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Shelby Weldon