Episode 1: Racism in baseball, NFL and DV, and FIBA rescinds head-covering ban

In the inaugural episode of Burn It All Down, Julie DiCaro, Jessica Luther, Brenda Elsey, Shireen Ahmed, and Lindsay Gibbs discuss racist taunts in Boston, the depressing state of the NFL draft, and FIBA’s overturning of the ban on headscarves. Plus you’ll hear The Burn Pile and Badass Woman of the Week!

We get into the racist incident at Fenway Park against Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles and the racist histories in sports towns, namely Boston (1:52) The group discusses the NFL draft, Joe Mixon and the other drafted players with ties to domestic violence cases, and the problematic way that major sports organizations do not care about women and what they can do better (21:38) Lindsay Gibbs goes through the history of football players involved in violence against women (31:48) How the current political culture validates a toxic culture of violence against women (36: 40) Watching sports and how, as women, we consume them and the news offered (38:38) Shireen Ahmed on the good news of FIBA rescinding the headcovering ban and the backstory of policing women’s bodies and how we move forward (45:36) Burn Pile – hosts set metaphorical fire to Magic Johnson meeting Floyd Mayweather (56:40) Louisiana State University sent out an email to athletes asking them not to wear LSU clothing if they protest against DOJ decision not to charge Anton Sterling’s murderers (57:09) International football media’s silence on Cristiano Ronaldo’s involvement in a rape case (59:40) Brazilian sports media for not extensively covering Emily Lima’s football badassery (1:02:20) Nick Saban will be paid $11 million dollars to coach the University of Alabama (1:04:12) Penn State has elected Jay Paterno’s son to the Board of Trustees (1:05:55) Badass woman of the week – Boxer Amaiya Zafar is that 1st woman to wear a scarf in the boxing ring in the United States (1:07:18) Honourable mentions – Jane Meyer settles lawsuit with University of Iowa in Title IX case (1:08:25) Patricia Driscoll’s bravery in coming forward about the abuse she faced by NASCAR driver Kurt Busch (1:09:38)


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Shelby Weldon