Episode 5: Lebron James and racism, NHL and concussions, and Reem Abulleil on the French Open

In Episode 5 of Burn It All Down, Julie DiCaro, Shireen Ahmed, and Lindsay Gibbs discuss Lebron James and racism in America, the NHL concussion lawsuit, and Lindsay’s interview with Reem Abulleil of Sport360. Plus you’ll hear The Burn Pile, and Badass Woman of the Week!

L.A. home of LeBron James was vandalized with racist graffiti and he responds with moving statement on being Black in America. BIAD team criticizes the “hot take” denial of sport media (11:29) Concussion lawsuit versus NHL, which has failed to take steps to promote concussion research and protect injured athletes. Discussion of broader implications and how concussions are treated in amateur sports, as well. (17:40) Lindsay interviewed Egyptian sportswriter Reem Abulleil of Sport360, covering the French Open in Paris. They discuss Ons Jabeur of Tunisia who became first Arab woman to reach the third round Grand Slam. Reem and Lindsay discuss her improvisational game, her importance in the Arab world, and the future of her career (31:00) Burn Pile – hosts set metaphorical fire to decision of University of Michigan football after accepting Grant Perry back, after he had been suspended indefinitely for sexual assault (32:35) Lindsay throws tennis player Maxime Hamou on the burn pile. Hamou was kicked out of the French Open for sexually assaulting reporter Maly Thomas. The Eurosport reporters laughed hysterically as Thomas tried to resist (34:16) Shireen double burns Serbian women’s volleyball team’s racist photographs caricaturing their Japanese hosts, as well as parade-goers at pre-Confederation Cup who used bananas and blackface to mimic Cameroon (37:31) Julie nominates Martina Navratilova for Bad Ass Woman of the Week for her response to tennis legend Margaret Court for violent homophobic remarks. Navratilova called for the Court stadium to be re-named (39:35) Lindsay nominates Diana Taurasi for honorable mention BAWOW for becoming WNBA’s all time three point scorer with eight three pointers in a recent game (39:49) Shireen’s is Ali Raisman for calling out TSA sexist body shaming (40:50)


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Reem Abulleil on Ons Jabeur: http://sport360.com/article/tennis/french_open/235736/ons-jabeur-beats-dominika-cibulkova-to-become-first-arab-woman-to-reach-the-third-round-of-a-grand-slam/

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Ali Raisman criticizes TSA body shaming: http://www.cbssports.com/olympics/news/olympic-gymnast-aly-raisman-blasts-tsa-agent-for-body-shaming-at-airport/

Shelby Weldon