Episode 13: NF’nL

In Episode 13 of Burn It All Down, the whole gang is back together to discuss the NF’nL. Julie DiCaro, Shireen Ahmed, Lindsay Gibbs, Brenda Elsey, and Jessica Luther talk about the NFL where domestic violence investigations continue to be terrible, CTE is back at the forefront of the discussion, and where Colin Kaepernick still can’t get a job, Lucky Whitehead can’t keep his, and John Urshel doesn’t want his anymore.

Then Brenda and Shireen interview Ann Odong, expert on all things women’s soccer and editor of The Women’s Game, about the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 soccer tournament.

Plus, you’ll hear The Burn Pile and Badass Woman of the Week!

Correction: Simone Manuel beat Sarah Sjöström, the world recorder holder in the 100m, to win the 100m freestyle title at the world championships. We incorrectly said that Manuel had beaten Yulia Efimova.

Intro ~ Discussion about the NFL’s failure to handle domestic violence cases properly, including Ezekiel Elliott’s (still) pending domestic violence case, per Diana Moskovitz’s piece at Deadspin.  (1:10). What ever happened to the NFL’s baseline six-game suspension for domestic violence cases? (1:50)  Colin Kaepernick still can’t get a job in the NFL, but he’s not being blackballed! Shireen talks about the hypocrisy of the league in failing to offer Kap a job, via Jemele Hill’s hilarious (and sad) tweet. (4:37)  The Dallas Cowboys continue to be terrible, Jessica breaks down  Lucky Whitehead’s horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. (12:23) Lindsay brings us up -to-speed on the latest news about CTE in NFL players, via the big story in the NYT this week.  (17:37) The panel discusses Raven Offensive Lineman and world-reknowned mathematician John Urschel’s retirement two days after the CTE report was released.  (19:31) Julie talks about her discussion with Dr. Chris Nowinski about kids playing tackle football and his views on youth sports.  (22:59) Brenda discusses the role of parents and schools in protecting children in sport. (23:52)  Lindsay points out there are no federal guidelines for safety in high school football or lower levels. (26:10) Outside the Lines report on the NFL ending it’s relationship with the National Institute of Health. (27:25) Brenda and Shireen interview Australian sportswriter Ann Odong about the ongoing women’s Euro’s Soccer Tourney (28:45)

Burn Pile:  (43:52) Lindsay burns Britt McHenry’s “awakening” as a conservative commentator. (44:00) Shireen sets aflame sexism in the Tour de France (47:08).  Brenda takes a lighter to the treatment of the Mexican Women’s National Soccer team by their home federation. (48:50) Julie throws gas on LaVar Ball and Adidas’ actions at the Adidas Las Vegas basketball tournament. (50:43) Jessica lights up ESPN for showing corn hole/bags and drone racing rather than the women’s Euros soccer tourney. (52:45) Hilarity over the name “corn hole” ensues. (54:25)

BAWOW:  (55:13) Shireen tells us about Yusra Mardini and her return to Budapest to swim for refugees everywhere. She’s the BAWOW. Julie awards an Honorable Mention to baseball beat reporter Claire Smith. (56:57) Jessica tosses an Honorable Mention to friend-of-the-show Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir for winning the Leadership in Sport Award from Beyond Sport. (57:52) Shireen honors swimmer Simone Manuel for winning the 100M at the FINA Championships. (58:23)

Lindsay is looking forward to watching live tennis at the Citi Open in DC this week. (59:19) Jessica is loving reading Women’s Gold Medalists: Rio Olympics 2016. (100:13) Brenda can’t wait for the US v. Japan  soccer match in the Tournament of Nations on August 3. (101:24) Shireen is excited for the Euros and Anna Kessel’s book Eat, Sweat, Play. (102:03) Julie is finally diving into the book Rejected Princesses. (102:27)


Diana Moskovitz for Deadspin on the NFL’s weird investigation into Ezekiel Elliott’s domestic violence case.

The Ravens sign a QB who isn’t Colin Kaepernick.

The Dallas Cowboys screw over Lucky Whitehead.

The NYT’ publishing a striking piece on CTE research among NFL players.

Ravens center John Urschel retires at 26 two days after the report came out — he’s a world-renowned mathematician in addition to being an NFL player.

Michael Oher Situation Highlights the Ever-Growing Fear of NFL Head Injuries

Britt McHenry’s Conservative Awakening

Sexism in the Tour de France

Shocking Working Conditions for Footballers in the New Mexican’s Women’s League 

LaVar Ball and Adidas Sell Women Referee Down the River

ESPN is showing Cornhole/Bags

Yusra Mardini is Headed to Budapest to Swim for Refugees Everywhere

Baseball Writer Claire Smith Honored by Her Peers at Cooperstown

Simone Manuel Upsets at the World Swimming Championships

Women’s Gold Medalists: Rio Olympics 2016

Eat Sweat Play

Rejected Princesses

Shelby Weldon