Episode 123: Live from Nashville -- at AMEND Together’s SHIFT Conference

The crew is all together for this *LIVE* show recorded on September 9, 2019, at the Music City Center in Nashville as part of AMEND Together’s SHIFT Conference, which focuses on challenging and changing a culture that supports gendered violence. (www.amendtogether.org/shift)

After a short discussion about one wild weekend in sports, [4:10] we dig in by first talking about the ways in which sports culture supports gendered violence and toxic masculinity. [22:37] Then we discuss ways in which sports model inclusive, feminist, and non-toxic practices that might lead us to eradicating some of the bullshit. [43:17]

Of course, you’ll hear the Burn Pile, [57:17] our Bad Ass Woman of the Week, starring Bianca Andreescu, [1:00:31] and what is good in our worlds.

Shelby Weldon